I'm super excited and terrified to officially start this comic! I say officially, because there have been a few false starts over the years which ultimately fizzled out because my art and writing were not living up to my expectations. I have sketchbooks from 10 years ago with drawings of these characters, and so many drafts of Chapter 1 scattered over I don't know how many hard drives.

check out that glow up

check out that glow up

My most recent attempt was a year or so ago, when I posted a sketchy version of this prologue to Tapas and DeviantArt. Those of you who read that version will find this one pretty familiar, although I did add, remove, and drastically change the layout of several pages to help the pacing and flow. (I've taken those original pages down from Tapas, but I will repost them later for posterity.)

Even bastard comics, was created with this comic in mind. It's no mistake that bastard comics updates have progressively been getting longer and more dialogue-driven. I never got a formal education in comic making, so I had to make one for myself.

All that to say, a lot of work has gone into this comic and I'm very proud of these 5 pages. I'm excited for what's next and I think you should be too. :)

Pages 6-9 are already inked and on Patreon, and you can unlock them by pledging to the $3+ tier. Finished color versions will be available to Patrons next week, and then to everyone else shortly after.

Thanks for reading!