It's the Summer of 2004. While the rest of America bravely rebuilds after the devastation of 9/11 and the newest Star Wars prequel, Pendleton Ridge has its eyes fixed dreamily on the past. Shielded from the outside world by snow capped mountains and a narrow minded preoccupation with its own history, Pendleton Ridge is a living Thomas Kinkaid painting. Cozy, quaint, widely beloved by old white people, and mind numbingly boring for local teens with nothing to do in their postcard town.

But that's about to change for three students at APHS, when a seemingly harmless prank on the last night of summer awakens a sleeping Curse, and the guilty party finds themselves in more trouble than they had bargained for. 

One wild night spirals into a semester of terror, and the group is forced to form a begrudging alliance in the struggle to break the Curse, all the while peeling away at their hometown's meticulously kept image of perfection to reveal the sinister secret living underneath. Psycho prep girls, crazy cult shit, a supernatural stalker, and Myspace drama abound make for a Junior year that is shaping up to be anything but dull. 


Condemned is written and illustrated by el Fury.  She also draws and writes for Bastard Comics and draws Double Barrel Shogun. When she isn't sitting at home in stretchy pants making comics, she's sitting at home in stretchy pants making music, forcing snuggles on her dog, and not waiting for her boyfriend to watch new episodes of Glow (sorry).


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