Three high school students looking to alleviate their back to school boredom get more than they asked for when a seemingly harmless prank awakens a sleeping Curse, wreaking havoc on their lives and their once peaceful town. read more >>


Condemned will be updated by page groups rather than single pages. Chapters are divided into story beats, each 3-5 pages long, so that every update is adding to the story in a somewhat meaningful way and the reading experience feels a little more natural.

If you don't want to wait as long for updates, I will be posting 1 page at a time on Patreon!  For $1 or more per page, you can get early access and a discount on the print issue when it's out. Eventually, I plan to open up higher tiers with more exclusive content, but for now, the goal is simple: to start getting paid so I can finally make Condemned a priority.

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